Just because you have a social profile, you won’t get publicity. It has to be made acceptable. Socialites should find you reliable. It is true that social media gives business but, one has to make serious efforts to popularize his business on digital media.

Before Facebook, there was little buzz about social media optimization but, now it is an important part of web marketing. In addition to Facebook, there is Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and much more. There are many social sites and many sites are waiting to be launched. Together these sites make social media.


Social media optimization is a way to take advantage of presence of a number of Internet users on the web. Traffic can come from social sites but, you have to open a door for social traffic. SMO is different from SEO as in social media optimization, your focus remains on specific platforms. Many Facebook Likes and Twitter followers can be taken as popularity of your business. This popularity can turn into real profit.

For SMO, one should hire a leading SEO company in California. Web marketing has two coins – SEO and SMO. A SEO service provider would also provide SMO services but, the SEO should be an experienced guy. Rules for optimizing social media are different from search engine guidelines. In SEO, you focus on article writing and blog posting but in SMO, the focus shifts on making friends and groups.

SMO is an ideal way to take lead over your competitors but, you have to tread carefully. It is only an experienced SEO guy that could make a winning SMO strategy for your website.